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Bill Horst, Historian and Lecturer
Bill Horst
Historian & Lecturer

For many years now Bill Horst has been called a "Local Historian"; but his knowledge of U.S. and western history goes far beyond the local area.  His interest in the stories of the old timers he knew as he was growing up, prompted them to feed his interest.  Being a curious sort, he spent time doing research to either prove or disprove these tales.  He also learned to make and do certain things to try the "old ways".


This trial and error research,  gave him knowledge in the use and manufacture of early firearms, clothing, tanning of animal hides, etc.  Being raised on a farm that used horses to power farm equipment until a tractor was purchased in 1942, was also a learning experience.  This taught him about 

"chores" that most young people even of  that time did not have.  His friends among the "Elders" in the Native American community contributed to his lifetime "Hobby" of early U.S. history.

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