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To Those Donating Items and To Everyone Who Found a Bargain at Our October 2023 Yard Sale, We Say THANK YOU!


See Below Photos
Museum Yard Sale: Oct. 2023
Oct. 2023
Museum Yard Sale Oct. 2023
Oct. 2023

Come see the Special Items we are offering for sale next year and help support YOUR local Museum!


For Date and Time, please see our Calendar, or contact the Museum at 559-784-2053.

We also offer a variety of treasures for sale in our 

Did you know that you can automatically schedule this and any other event on your Google Calendar?  Just open the Museum's Calendar and click on an event you want to schedule.  A details box will pop-up.  Click on  "Copy to my Google Calendar" (located at the bottom of the details box).  That's all there is to it.  The event will auto-populate onto your calendar.

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