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Unique Treasures

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pre-Columbian sculpture

Pre-Columbian Stone Sculpture

pr-Columbian sculpture 2

Pre-Columbian Stone Sculpture

Louis Velasquez Opening.jpg

"The Stagecoach at Porterville in 1861"

Painted by Louis R. Velasquez for the Centennial Celebration in 1961.

An original oil painting on canvas painted when the artist was 17 years old.

The painting is 5 1/2 FT by 11 1/2 FT and is displayed in the Museum lobby.

Mr. Velasquez is pictured, above, at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the


opening of his 2018 oil paintings exhibition at the Porterville Historical Museum.

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movie film camera

The Museum has a large collection of cameras and typewriters from years past.  These devices recorded people's thoughts and ideas on film and paper long before the advent of digital technology.  See a Docent for more details.


This is one of several significant items in our music collection.  To operate this Gramophone you really had to "crank up" the music.  (See crank handle on right side of box.)

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