Annual Model Train Show 2021

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Monday, Dec. 27 Museum Closed
Tuesday, Dec 28 Train Show Today
Wednesday, Dec. 29 Train Show Today
Thursday, Dec. 30 Train Show LAST DAY!

Friday, Dec. 31 Museum Closed
Saturday, Jan 1, Museum Closed

Kendall's Toy Train History & Porterville Museum Video

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Great Holiday Fun For the Whole Family!

More than 35 Years in the Making

BEST Toy Train Show in Tulare County

The Story of the Trains

The Museum is housed in the former passenger terminal of the Southern Pacific Railroad, so it's only fitting that we honor our history by displaying model trains once each year.  The idea of running toy trains at the Museum goes back to the early 1980's when the "Underwater Train Society"  erected the first display with operating layouts.  Those early toy train pioneers have long since passed the torch to others, but their vision and efforts are remembered.


Polar Express Toy Train

In recent years, Dr. Don Stover, mixing equal doses of grit and generosity, has kept the torch lit.  Under his leadership the Model Train Show has grown into the premier display of operating toy trains in all of Tulare County and beyond.

With new additions to the display every year, whether you are a first time visitor or a repeat toy train rail-fan, the Model Train Show is sure to delight.  All aboard!

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