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Porterville Pioneers-- Putnam and Wilcox

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Royal Porter Putnam
Putnam's personal items

Royal Porter Putnam

We tell the story of our city's early settlers and ranchers in portraits, photographs, news articles and everyday objects including vintage dolls and toys, clothing, furniture, antique firearms, saddles and spurs, branding iron impressions and so much more.  

Ask a Docent why our founding father, Royal Porter Putnam, didn't name the town "Putnamville."

Origen and Clara Wilcox

antique pistols
etched saddle 1800's

The Wilcox Room gives us a glimpse into farming and ranching in the mid 1800's in and around Porterville.

The Wilcox family was one of the earliest settlers in the area and helped shape the growth of Porterville in those early days.

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